Site Visibility Service

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Submitting your sitemaps and URLs are an important part of Digital Marketing

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In the robot.txt you should also have sitemaps: – this will help the robots/spiders find where you list your pages in XML format.


Want to get more people to your website? Simply sign up below and we will do the rest!

The graph below demonstrates the impact of enhancing your website’s visibility. It’s extracted from a customer’s web statistics, illustrating the increase in overall organic site traffic over a four-month period starting October 2023—all achieved for just £100 +VAT per month!

Search Engine Secrets:

  • Bots only crawl your site when they want to with different frequencies
  • Bots only crawl about 20% of your site each time they visit your site
  • This is the reason SEO takes 3-6 months for all pages to index & get results
  • Google has thousands of servers. Your site may be indexed on a few but not on others
  • 94.74% of search terms / keywords receive less than 10 monthly searches
  • According Moz, each £1 you spend on SEO gives an ROI of 22X
  • Organic traffic converts 2 -5 X better than paid traffic

Site Visibility Service Includes:

  • No-code solution – deployed remotely on your URLs
  • Daily website page submissions to search engines for all indexable pages
  • Images, videos, new site maps, RSS feeds
  • Site Traffic Visuals on Kick Off – Total Traffic, Traffic Value, Keyword Vol, Backlinks vol
  • Search Term ranking report for your current pages
  • Non Indexed pages overview
  • Site Audit Report to highlight issues (not fixing them)
  • Quarterly Performance Summary, Broken Link Reporting (not fixing broken links)
  • Invoiced Monthly in advance. Ongoing / Continuous service
  • Starts next working day after invoice settled. Minimum term 3 months: One month Notice.

Signing up for our service is fast and straightforward. Simply click the button and you’ll be directed to our user-friendly sign-up page. Once there, we’ll swiftly process your request and send you a Direct Debit form to finalize the process. That’s all it takes – you’re all set! If you ever wish to cancel the service, you can do so anytime after the first three months with just one month’s notice.

This is a simple but effective service to get recognised for more keywords and get more traffic to your site fast and efficiently.