Neville Gibbons – Story

After completing my BA Honours Management degree at Solent University, I ventured into the professional world and landed my first jobs with Mercedes Benz and then Euro Car Parts. Working for such recognised and prestigious brands was a great experience, however, despite enjoying my time in the automotive sector, I felt it was not the path for me.

As fate would have it, I reconnected with a former colleague who had transitioned into the IT security industry during the late 1990s. Intrigued by his career shift, I was inspired to follow a similar path and delve into the world of IT. This decision marked a significant turning point in my professional journey, propelling me toward a new career.

In the late 90’s, I joined McAfee AV Security, a prominent cybersecurity company. Over the course of five years, my tenure at McAfee exposed me to diverse vertical markets, granting me invaluable insights of the industry. It was an interesting time to be part of the team, as we tackled highly impactful viruses capable of bringing down entire networks and addressing the heightened urgency surrounding the Y2K phenomenon. It all felt a bit like the Wild West.

During my time I had worked closely with a wide range of resellers and clients which further inspired the decision to go it alone and I made the bold step into entrepreneurship, establishing my own company alongside 3 other colleagues in 2006. Specializing in solutions for data loss prevention, anti-virus, remote access tools, and personnel management, our aim was to provide valuable security services in an ever growing digital world. The timing couldn’t have been better, as the mid-2000s witnessed a surge in PC usage, online sales, and the widespread adoption of mobile phones and other internet-enabled devices. These technological advancements presented an opportune moment for our business to thrive and flourish.

However, it was not all plain sailing and over the next decade my colleagues and I encountered numerous challenges, experiencing both highs and lows, including navigating the recession crisis of 2008. It was during those tough times that I realized the significance of embracing online marketing and elevating our digital profile. Search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing became essential tools for businesses, yet the industry was not free from pitfalls and misleading promises from marketing companies charging significant fees with limited returns on investment. 

Motivated by the need to dispel myths and bring clarity to the misunderstood SEO world, Digital Groundwork Ltd is now the business I share with two other like-minded co-directors. Inspired by our Senior Project Manager James (see his bio for more), our vision revolves around a new breed of digital marketing company that places honesty, transparency and value for money at the forefront of our methodology. At Digital Groundwork, we empower businesses by sharing our own multi-decade experiences and expertise, providing guidance through the intricate world of digital marketing and delivering tangible, measurable outcomes.

Today, I find myself fully immersed in the world of digital marketing, collaborating closely with businesses of all sizes. This experience brings back memories of my own early days in online product promotion and sales, as well as the challenges and doubts that companies often have surrounding digital marketing. In this highly competitive digital landscape we are here to dispel the myths and deliver meaningful results to your online marketing and SEO.

If you are interested to know more about what we do and how we can help your business please contact me through my LinkedIn page Neville Gibbons – It would be good to hear from you.