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In the fast-paced and technology-driven world of today, utilising a digital marketing service has become an essential aspect for many successful online businesses. At Digital Groundwork, we understand the significance of establishing connections with your target audience to drive overall growth. With over 25+ years of experience, our team of skilled individuals have assisted more than 300 clients in achieving remarkable results in their digital marketing endeavors, leading to on average 30+% growth in online engagement within just a few months.

Client Issues We Solve:

Keyword Research

Find positive and negative keywords that your customers are search for in the search engines. This is a mission critical task. Learn more...

Google Ads

Low cost paid advertising strategy will provide exact and unique business data that enables your strategy to work more effectively. Learn more...

Effective SEO

An effective SEO strategy should be based on a structured data driven strategy. Guessing is not an option for best ROI. Learn more...

Data Driven Content

Using random titles and content are not going to work as efficiently as using the real data from your findings. You will need an integrated strategy. Learn more...

                                                    2-month Fixed Price Digital Marketing Package

                                                                                  Watch the video in 3 minutes 30 seconds – save yourself time and money.

Customer Example:

Below is an example illustrating the success of our 2-month program (extended by the client at their request to 4 months as they were so happy with the results), directly sourced from Google Analytics. The website in question belongs to a medium-sized e-commerce business with an approximate turnover of £5 million. Prior to partnering with us, the company had been working with another online marketing agency for SEO services, resulting in moderately satisfactory outcomes, as evident from the data.

Unhappy with their existing agency they approached us and we adopted them mid October 2022 (represented by the Blue Line), we took charge of their Digital Marketing and SEO efforts and the subsequent data reflects the impressive growth achieved during the full 4-month period, spanning October to the end of January.

The key metrics considered include: Total Site Traffic, Keyword Volume, and Traffic Costs (where Traffic Costs represents the value of organic traffic generated for the customer, excluding paid advertising)

Want to Know More?

As Digital Marketing can be rather involved and site specific we offer a 1 hour, no-obligation Zoom session to analyze and discuss your website with you. During this session, our team of experts will delve into the intricacies of your website, assessing its current performance, identifying areas for improvement, and understanding your unique business objectives.  Book your session in our calendar  HERE


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